Our Story

With a daughter and husband that are required to live gluten free, our co-founder Cydney knows what it is like to go to three different grocery store in order to ensure that all the ingredients she needs are gluten free. And what it's like to waste money on products that do not taste good, and buying expensive items in quantities she doesn't need. She is also very familiar with the risks of living gluten free. Cydney's daughter has become sick moments after leaving a restaurant from which she ate a 'gluten free' dish. Seeing her daughter break out in rashes, have headaches, or become sluggish with muscle aches from undetected gluten even when 'being careful' is scary and upsetting. Her celiac husband was mistakenly given gluten while in the ICU after a major accident - even after being assured by the food service department that they were aware of his condition.

It was Cydney's daughter's diagnosis that led her to train to become a health coach back in 2007 with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. In addition to working with many clients over the years to manage the challenge of living a gluten free lifestyle. she is a coach and mentor at the school for students in the program. Her expertise is applied to the Dedicated Table recipes, ingredients and cooking tips to ensure that not only are you getting healthy food choices and gluten free assured ingredients, but that the lifestyle elements of living gluten free are taken into consideration. She knows first-hand what a positive impact a proper gluten free diet can have on your life.

Our Mission

The safest place to eat gluten free is the controlled environment of your own kitchen, where you know the source of your food. Maintaining a gluten free kitchen, implementing basic gluten free strategies, and purchasing products that are gluten free assured to cook at home, is the best way to minimize exposure and cross contact issues.

All of our recipes, while completely gluten free, are healthy upgrades to classic comfort foods that can be shared and enjoyed at the dinner table by all - even those who do not need to eat gluten free. This can be a tremendous relief to the home cook who will only need to prepare one meal to satisfy the needs and tastes of all.

We want to take the fear and worry out of eating for those living gluten free. We want to make it more affordable and accessible. We want to save you time from shopping around for various ingredients, reading labels, and wasting money on products that don't taste good, or on buying quantities you do not need.

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