Dedicated Table's Kitchen

We go beyond just offering a gluten free ingredient. Our meals contain gluten free recipes, with only gluten free ingredients, that are packaged and delivered from our dedicated gluten free commercial kitchen. We are committed to making gluten free easier, safer and more accessible.

We follow protocols and safety steps from the Great Kitchen program offered by to maintain our dedicated facility. By not allowing gluten into our space, and using gluten free ingredients, we minimize, if not eliminate, any potential for cross contact with gluten.

Suppliers and Gluten Free Assurance

We communicate with our suppliers to ensure that any ingredients that arrive in our kitchen our gluten free, and that safety protocols to assure this are in place. We follow industry standards and discuss each ingredient we use with the vendor, farmer, producer or distributor to ensure that at each step of the way gluten free assurances can be met. When certified gluten free ingredients are available we use them. If not we make sure gluten free assurance measures are in place.

We stay away from processed food ingredients, relying instead on wholesome, fresh produce and proteins. When we do use a food product such as a sauce, spice or other supplement to a meal, we choose quality gluten free products made with only a few, easily, recognized ingredients and strong gluten free assurance procedures.


We are the only meal kit service that can assure you that our meals are safe for those avoiding gluten.

We look to the near future to utilize our in house meeting space for hosting local and regional chapter meetings of gluten free organizations, workshops, and trainings. Our commitment extends beyond our product, and embraces the needs and development of gluten free assurance and accessibility to anyone living a gluten free lifestyle.

Ask Us

Communication is key, and we welcome your questions. As our customer, we don't want you to have to 'guess' if the food you are eating is 'ok'. We want you to feel confident in our ingredients and process. We want you to enjoy our food without worry of getting sick.

If you have any questions, you can contact us here. You'll get a reply from Cydney, co-founder of Dedicated Table.

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